Zombi - Dog Dangling Saturday Update.

Wanted to grind my rust, wife was sleeping, settled for grinding my teeth and quietly repairing my fender. I figure I have some time to work on the body while I source all the parts I need. What I really need is some input into what colour the car should be, not that primer gray isn't sexy. Also... $10 at a garage sale, I couldn't stop myself. I will be very happy once I'm done with the rolla's roof. It will make a huge difference in the amount of ugly the car hauls around. Anybody want to weigh in on what colour to paint my car?

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  • Fucking amazing! I didn’t think you’d paint it!

    Also, radios are for limp wristed liberals who enjoy a good handjob from a hobo in trade for sour milk….YOUR A MONSTER.

    • discoquinn
  • Tremclad semi gloss olive drab = teh winnnnar

    Ps I miss you James ( no homo )

    • scradley
  • stereos are neat! Paint it flat green.

    No, okay thats a bad idea. I’d vote for painting it a badass olive colour with black wheels. sexin!

    • andrewdk