Capital Drift Online - Drift Comp & Drift School


SpeedHero has been working with the developers of Live for Speed to bring you Capital Drift Online.

Due to Covid, Western Speedway will be on a hiatus for a while. To keep everyone drifting we partnered with racing simulation software company Live for Speed to help get people drifting with their friends at home.

They've offered us discounts on their S1 license package. This gets you a few cars and a few tracks. The S1 license is the license our competitions and drift school will be using.

What you'll need:

  • Computer! Sorry no macs, but a low spec computer and most laptops will actually work for LFS as it runs well on even older computers.
    (minimum specs here!)
  • Software! Live for Speed has offered us discounts on S1 licenses. These are available on the SpeedHero.CA web-store. Click here to buy one!
    (I'll email your voucher code to redeem the game as soon as possible!)
  • PC compatible steering wheel! Newer is not always better. Our official recommendation is a Logitech G25 or G27. If those aren't available you can look for wheels with 900* of turn. If you can find one with shifter and clutch pedal, even better! There are people successful with xBox and Playstation controllers, but ultimately you'll be better off with a wheel.
  • Discord! You can find our Cap D discord here!


Trouble finding our LFS server? "Capital Drift Online"


How to Install & Unlock:

  • 1. Purchase your discount license at the SpeedHero webstore here: Cap D S1 License

Don't forget to put in your email so we can send you your license voucher!

This is where you can put in your voucher code to claim your new S1 license.

Special Note: The WEB and GAME passwords are separate (you can use the same for each if you want)

The GAME password will be used to unlock the software.

  •  3. Download and install the software from LFS HERE
    • 4. On the bottom right of the main title screen you'll see "Unlock Live for Speed"

    This is where you'll enter your username and 'GAMEpassword' you just set.

    • 5. Time to setup your wheel! If it wasn't already plugged in, plug it in and restart the software.
      If it's your first time starting the game, it's going to try and help you setup the software.

    Quick Tutorial Video


    Other Resources:

    Got a G25 / G27 and a 3D printer??

    Here's some free files for you to download and upgrade your wheel.

    SpeedHero G25 / G27 wheel upgrade STL files.


    Cheap hand brake:

    the FS1-P is a single button USB keyboard that is designed to be used by your foot. We're working on converting these affordably into hand brakes. You can beat us to that process and order your own now here:

    $15 USB handbrake. 


    Learning to drift for the first time? Start here!

    During the season we will be running a few Drift Schools, the dates at this point are TBA. These will have a class night via Twitch and an on track day on our server. In the meantime check the links below for some thorough info that also translates to drifting real cars.

    Live for Speed also has some built in training

    Intro Material: The 4 parts of a Drift

    Drift School PDF: Our big drifting intro PDF


    Bonus HOW-TOs