Japanese Car & Scooter Rescue.

We LOVE cars. They're not a source of income, but a source of affection for our group of Japanese car and Scooter rescuers! Old tired, unused, or under-loved Japanese cars and Scooters are our interest. Let us breathe new life into your unneeded vehicles. Don't Scrap it!!! Scrappers often promise cash, but this is just a way of getting your attention. Rarely do they offer any money for your old vehicle. "Not worth much, we can tow it away for free" is the common line. Removing the high value recyclables before crushing the car. Your old car still has lots of life left in it! Don't let scrappers destroy it. Reduce and Reuse before you Recycle! Give us a call or Email anytime. 250-812-2042   DiscoQuinn@gmail.com The Mission: Primary: Keep as many old Japanese vehicles running and operational on the road. Secondary: To save and redistribute as many parts possible. To help maintain other older vehicles. What: We are primarily focused on Japanese Cars, Trucks, Vans and Scooters. we are also interested in many other older vehicles as well. Who: Everyone who owns an older Japanese vehicle is welcome, whether they are an enthusiast or not. How: There is no fee or cost involved. Any goods or services exchange itself is optional. We realize there is a wide variety of people using older Japanese vehicles. From those who are poor and use them simply for transportation, those who enjoy their long lasting design and reliability, and those who are enthusiasts. In any of these cases these people are all equal as long as their interest is to keep their car on the road, we are willing to help. We welcome all donations, some people are not comfortable just taking and are welcome to give whatever way they can. Donations of parts, supplies, tools, money, or your time is welcomed with open arms, however, you should never feel obligated to contribute, and only do so when you are able to. There are plenty of ways to help out, ask us how! Where: Located in primarily in Victoria, we have many members throughout the island and the mainland looking to rescue and revive your old vehicle. When: Anytime, I operate from my house so anytime is good to contact me directly for your rescue related questions. Inventory is changing all the time, feel free to call or email! Services:
  • Vehicle Removal
  • Vehicle Disassembly
  • Note: Our Services will expand with time and resources.
Contact Information: Please call or email us with any Questions, Comments, Requests, or Leads regarding older Japanese vehicles. (We are also open to any other older vehicles! Old cars are great, and we want to save them all.) 250-812-2042 DiscoQuinn@gmail.com