2010 Year of the E7

Straight up, S chassis's, AE86's, Rx7's, etc, there all dead to me. 2010 is officially the Year of the E7. It seems a bunch of people jumped off the wagon and began building a few years ago. Some still are, but a bunch came out of the woodwork with well equipped beaters and have been eating 2010 like it was watermelon candies. Straight up, you've got the MotorFix guys leading the way. With their constant coverage of ke70 beater train drifting, they've left an impression, allowing people to notice the potential in the chassis. You've got Grant Scott with his Quad lamp and his ahead of the curve, drifting lifestyle videos. Let's be honest here, this is a 99% downunder story. D1 Davey's Turbo E7 The v8 madness that is LLoyd Smith's E71 . I know this guy is in NZ, but I don't know who he is, just that his car keeps popping up. To be frank, the ae86 died a couple years ago when Katsuhiro Ueo stopped drifting one and switched from having an ae86 competition car and an ae86 practice car, to an S15 Competition car and a KE70 practice car.  pictured below. Be Warned, the popularity, and prices will rise over the next year or so. Year of the E7.

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  • Thanks for the post up!

    Check out my blog with all the info on the ke70 build :)


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  • double dang.

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