Capital Punishment

Yesterday was Torture. To others a great time, with big tandems, sections of rain, and mostly good, dry, cool sun.   Many hit the wall, that was their punishment. I had my own punishment. For some drifting is another fun pass time they can do here and there, share with their friends, etc. I think about it almost all moments of the day, and try my best to help others get their cars and lives in order. It's hard to watch, it's tough to listen to, and disgusting to smell. I want to be driving, but just haven't had the resources to get on the track. I had trouble, it was bad this time, I almost wen't home. In any case, I tried my best to get some good shots. I missed some people and I'm sorry. [gallery columns="2"]

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  • lol. Why so srs DQ?

    • Vickers
  • There’s a few pics of you going sideways Jordan.

    • discoquinn
  • Is my car actually going sideways in that one pic !!

    • JordanP
  • Lots of gold braj

    • Warren (Not UK)
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