Holy Scrap!

Seriously, today was a weird day. I brought Robins Camera, I figured it would be good. I'm sorry I don't document every day with cars as much of them are interesting and fun, but I HAD to have the camera today. We were going to buy Rally spec AE86's!!!! Holy Scrap 001 "Sorry, I sold them to someone else." was the message we got when we were delayed departure this morning. EHHHH BAWLS. So on to plan B, Swifts??@!?!!? Holy Scrap 005 Yup Swifts, though I don't know if the second generation were called Cultus'es in Japan or not. A friend of a friend, of a sisters, brothers, neighbours, cousin, owned a few companies and had some spare sales cars around. A hand full of Suzuki Swifts... Holy Scrap 008 ....and Esteems. I love the model name "Esteem" as it's easy to make jokes about people buying cars in search of it, an automotive divining rod for confidence. Although this is definately my choice if I was a sailor scout as the Japanese called them the Cultus Crescent. Something Luna and I would rock around in, picking up babes? eerrr? Holy Scrap 010 Much effort was put in to make them run, and of the 3 on site, only one of the swift turned over and ran. Though visually they were alright, and I've always had this awful mental build of one. Hydros, horrible chrome dished 3 spoke wheels (like the famous benz 3 spokes), dumped, mexi-poking (you can figure it out), horrible bubbly tint and a stripped interior. Cruising for chicks who like to buy cigarettes at the reserve would never be easier, plus, those clouds are awesome. Holy Scrap 014 So, there were some more of these cars lost on another one of the properties owned and we were to make out way down there to check that shit out. My eyes are trained, I can't help it. They seek (cars) and destroy (Phils wallet). I couldn't help but notice a few 80's Toyotas out of the corner of my eye as we passed a yard. Holy Scrap 019 Typical DQ fashion I dragged who ever would go with me for a closer inspection, Phil accepted the challange. Holy Scrap 021 I knocked on the door and Phil wandered over towards the cars. No one was home, so I took the liberty of shooting some pictures quickly and scoping out the brand of choice as well as what else was hidden amongst the shrubbery. As I approached, Phil ducked between the two Corona's that were my original eye catch, and he suddenly was startled and leaped back! Holy Scrap 025 Old melty face gave him quite a shock. What the seriously fucking hell was going on here! Immediate thoughts confused, upset and intrigued me. Closer inspection revealed he was a burnt dummy! Holy Scrap 026 Now for those of you who are not acquainted with Old Melty Face. He's driving an '81 Corona lift back. Corona's are a weird in between mix of Corolla's and Celica's but family oriented. They were kind of replaced by the Camry, which was a spin off of the Corona and rebadging in Japan called them "Celica Camry" which was weird as fuck. Holy Scrap 028 Yes the place was littered with GLH's, 3 to count in plain sight. But I didn't catch this car at first. It was parked in front of a first generation Jetta GLI, and my mind molded it ever so slightly into a VW Fox. I'm a fan of modified fox's, but no so much stock ones. Something was off though. Badging helped me Identify it as a Lada Samara!!! What's neat is there were some actual famous Lada Samara rally cars. :) I guess I have some research to do. Holy Scrap 029 As we were tip toeing around this field, the owner of the property returned home. It's a strange feeling out in the country, as there's really no one around to make sure nothing bad is going on, so it's natural to have flashings of the possible outcome in your eyes. Holy Scrap 030 A man walked towards us, and we greeted him. Luckily he greeted us back. John, was an avid collector of cars, all sorts of cars. GLH's were a favorite of his, but that wasn't his focus. We exchanged a few stories with him and found out he's an immensely interesting dude! Holy Scrap 032 John had returned home from one of his jobs, although normally he's out driving truck for a film crew, John also works at a blood donation center, and was done for the day. Holy Scrap 033 John mentioned he had 12 GLH's! For those of you who don't have a clue what a GLH is. It's a rare turbo version of the very odd Dodge Omni/Plymouth Horizon. Holy Scrap 034 John also apparently had a PILE of Ford Cortinas. An overlooked british influenced Ford, it was a very small car for it's age. So why does John have all these cars? John is in the business of "Movie Cars"! He sells and rents cars for use in film and television production, these appearing outside his garage at his house? Well they were the scrap remnants of his vast collection of apparently 6 separate storage locations. Holy Scrap 035 How rare a V6, (not v8) 4 speed, Monza with a posi rear end. One of many of his collection of Monza Spyders?! Holy Scrap 037 So what did Old Melty Face's two cents throw in? Well he asked John to inform us that both him, the Corona Wagon, Lada Samara and Jetta GLI can be seen in a new series called "ZOS". Zone of Seperation actually has a trailer on their website, and you can catch a glimse of Old Melty Face being blown up!!!! Holy Scrap 039 After our brief chat with John we continued to find the other Esteems, hunting and trying to find the best one. Above, pictured, ran and drove awesome after freeing up the brakes. Making a great winter car for Phil's lady friend. I requested the cloud wrap be left for good posture. Holy Scrap 048 To note: Hamilton is a sketchy place. Not only had these Esteems been sitting in this lot for MONTHS untouched, but no one seemed to care from any of the surrounding houses that: -A. we were driving around with locked wheels, squealing tires up and down the road. -B. That were were hammering the pissed out of the brakes, and -C. That we just loaded it up on the trailer and took off. A sense of community says you'd just come ask what's up politely and maybe offer a hand. Holy Scrap 054 SHAAAAMBBBOOOOOMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • I once had a dream that I entered that model Swift in the GRM Challenge. It had box flares, wicked-wide meats, and a junkyard turbo setup. Yes my dream was that specific about it. I’d probably been drinking before I went to bed, but I don’t remember that bit now.

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