IDTAX, $10

Before moving out west, I had to get rid of my last ae86, you know the one I got for $10. Below is one of the worst cases of Initial D tax I've ever seen. I'm sure some of you have heard the story. I got this car for $10. A friend of a friend had his car backed into. The culprit left a vague note saying "I'll make this up to you". Some time later when returning home from work one day, there was another ae86 sitting in his drive way. Turned out to be a rare east coast Gem, an '84 SR5 Sport. Now Zenki's are rare enough as it is on the East Coast, living on the west now they are pretty common, but since the west is closest to Japan, we get things first, and what's left over goes East, thus mostly Kouki's out there. However, this is a 'sport' model. For all you Initial D fans, in North America the GTS only came out in '85 to '87, but the ae86 was released in '84. Since there was no high powered version of the SR5, they came out with a temporary Solution called the SR5 Sports. It had some pretty damn rare stuff on it, like a plastic Canadian/Japanese style GTS wheel, not leather, it also had GTS style seats, but without the adjustable lumbar pump. This one, although flat black in the pictures was actually an '84 only colour in dark blue. An '84 sports had an optional panda paint job as well. Pretty weird eh? This was all around the time of my Rotarolla build, and front right fenders are essentially pixie dust, they just don't exist, and I needed one for the Rotarolla badly! Some phone calls later and I was up to see this '84 SR5. I paid $10 for the fender and while chatting to it's new owner, not only was it rescued from a junkyard with "Do not scrap" written on the window, but he got it for free. His plan? Remove the A pillers for his restoration project! I was pretty moved by this, and with some convincing trade him some A pillars from a rotten shell at the shop for the car. Thus $10!!! It's been over half a year since I've seen the car, moving out west for some warm weather and clean rides. It recently popped up again, a fellow Dorikaze'r recognized it as my old car, but instead of the $500 I sold it for, they want $5000!!!!! Click here for the Ultimate Inital D tax in the history of ever! It's frustrating especially since he hasn't done anything to the car at all, it still has the red Kouki hatch I put on it, and none of the body work done it needed. Hell it's still Auto! Fail hard. Here's some past posts regarding this car: Safety Snow Safety Snow 2 Privates

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  • this 84 is the exact same as mine with the plastic gts wheel and the blue interior and seat and such. I picked up mine for 800, but it was worth it, there a fun car.

    • nathan
  • It’s down to $1500 now, but still, that’s 3 times more.

    • Lord Letto