Majestic Unicorns are obtainable.

I thrust my armour on, hop onto my trusty steed and gallop into the forest. YAH! I scream as we tromp viscously between the trees, dunking, maneuvering, twisting, and dodging. My horse and I navigate the forest with grace, speed and confidence. I catch the glimmer of a set of chrome aviator glasses. I turn my head to catch some pink pants inappropriately worn open. WHAM, I catch a branch in the skull and topple to the ground, unconscious I become. I awake in a stuper, strapped to a hay bail with a very satisfied Pink unicorn towering over me, holding it's leash is a tiny Asian fairy man in sunglasses, pink jeans and a white under shirt. His glittery wings flap once as he smiles at my alertness, and that's when it hits me. THINGS JUST GOT GAY IN HERE. onek I fucking love this car, but for some reason Do-Boy (aka Matt Do, Aka, Matt Up-Do, Aka Prom Queen hair for cheap) is selling his beloved rod head pony car?!?! twok Feeling like buying a piece of Canadian AE86 history? That's right Matt, if you didn't know, your car is so awesome it qualifies as Ae86 history. Don't sell it, but if someone wants to buy it? Check heeeya. threek

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  • Hey Cody, check out for the original for sale thread or email me for Do-boys contact info

    • zombievrobot
  • hey i heard you were selling your car?? lemme know i am interested!!

    • cody
  • hahaha things just got gay in here. only matt do could pull this thing off…ridiculous to the max.

    • phil
  • holy crap i’ve never seen this before! sadly the car is sold already, maybe you guys helped me out hehe. thanks for the kudos! i’ll make you guys proud for next year with the new steed

    • do-boy