Safety Driving Session #2

Phil and I started up at the shop around 8pm, Just him and I sliding around. Phil sucks at Manjiing though. :D However, I suck at Curbs. "Pfft, I know this lot like the back of my hand, even though I've never been here before, let's go for...FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK" SMASHO! I was worried I bent something, but all I did was chip the shitty leaky front right rim. Lucky, as it's an excuse to get my other wheels on. So we are sliding around, and in comes this HUGE farm tractor with a plow on it. We all came to conclusion he was asking us to leave.....Then he started doing donuts. Nice turn out, was about 3 times this many near the end of the night. People kept borrowing my car so I really couldn't get any shots once it started getting busy as I didn't want to freeze the camera for too long. Graemes becoming a regular. As is the truck full of Mikes. The Cressida had a fun evening. Born and bread for winter drift, it lost a tire, taillight and quarter panel, all on purpose of course. Yet another safe driver, thank god for our wonderful training. Brandon's monster at it again. Surprisingly decent slides from this autotragic 5 cylinder. Though it got a bit steak mittens. AE86? $10, 4 hours of training...$12 in gas. Best car ever = priceless. Things rolled deep into the night. A regular, and personal favorite, fellow Speed Hero, Andrew and his Sexus, full speed 360's! Phil seems to like to slide with his lights off for some reason? Personal style. Scanner Man Adam! Looks like it's in Colorado Go little rolla go! Damn cold slows the camera down! Sideways Benz Mechanic.

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