Temporary Success.

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So, story goes: I move across the continent with nearly no money and a car full of tools. Dorikaze's Gordo (ed) provides me with a shell of a wagon for $50. With my hands and my wits. It has come together and driven from the spot it was parked. I hope it continues to do so. It's alive, it moves under it's own power and I somehow installed my clutch backwards, but it works sort of. lol *E7*'s are the new cool. The BEST cool. No Hood in the Hood. Muns spec ride height. Buncha foo's Late night congratulatory snacks at the finest establishment in town. Wish it luck.


  • fuck yeah! awesome!

    tehluckinator on

  • YES!!!! glad i could be a part of this temporary success story

    Colbskee on

  • *e7*’s are the sex… buy that 400$ silver 83 wagon on usedvic…. if i had the money i would

    Anonymous on

  • good to see the wagon going.

    gordo on

  • stoked it is teh hawtz

    mak-l on

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