We all want a new life Pt. 2

Hey, thanks for reading the first part about our trip...you know the one family told us was impossible to do...yeah that one. We didn't die, we're fine and enjoying life. "Hey Quinn! Got a corolla yet?" Yes....two. It's been just under a week and I've acquired two corollas already: a TE70 wagon with a blown 3TC and no transmission, as well as another rare '84 SR5. My first non-converted 5 speed Sr5! Good deal, but this post really isn't about buying a slightly rusty, mostly clean, SR5 with a factory manual steering rack, eibachs and Tokico blues. This post is about my assumed future, Speed Hero's goals and ideals. Victoria really is a land for Corollas. Back in Ontario when I'd attend car related events, especially drift events, the S13 chassis reigned king. I did not expect to land here and see that not only are they uncommon sight as daily drivers, but few make it to the track for racing purposes. It's nice to see a variety. Almost 365 clear days a year to wrench, even out doors. Not a single straight or flat road, and very little to no rust. I have always had that itch to build and sell custom parts for Corollas and other older cars. This is my chance, and Speed Hero is that vessel. A few obstacles stand in the way, funding, organization, and trust. I do things very differently than most. It will be up to those who follow along, those who believe in us, me, and the ideals and goals. Some ideas float around, bounce, building custom cars and selling them as finished pieces, but alas there is a pile of tools...resources lacking currently to begin building, and modifying the cars in the way they need to be. Do you have anything to share?

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  • i like turtles

    • gordo
  • oh sh*t!

    i thought u needed a 4ac for some FWD corolla..

    We’ll have to sort out a GTS swap for the sr5???

    • dug
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  • Hey Quinn, glad to see you got there safe and settled in already. Only you have the knack for finding rolla’s like you do :)

    If I ever get to BC I’ll bring random pieces of fun for you to have

    • Dan Wardle