2012, doing more for less than ever before

This year I want to go bigger: Bigger than before. I've done some wild and silly stuff, through shear enthusiasm people have followed me to the brink. I've been trying to shy away from this trend, but I realize it's my natural calling: Doing fun things for as near free as possible. It's time to accept my natural talent as a purpose and run with it. Let's Go 2012. #1 on the list? Teach my self solidworks. I've been wanting to learn for years now. When idea hit me it's so nice to be able to whip them up into a visual frenzy, both to check if my dimensional dreams are physically possible, and to have a nice proof of concept. I've been playing for a few days and today, in a 20 minute session I managed to accomplish 2 very long term and put off goals: -Create something of my own design in solidworks, has been a goal of mine for 5? or more years now. I tried learning it a long time ago when I was much younger and gave up. No longer -The day I moved to Victoria I wrote a note and taped it to a wall "Knuckle/RCA combo". It sat there for about a year until I got mad at my lack of progress and scrapped the paper. 2 years now and I finally 'penned' it out. A universal Toyota shortened knuckle RCA combo. It fits multiple toyotas, is shorter than stock knuckles, corrects the lower control arm angle and reduces ackerman all in one single piece. Fits left and right as well!  I'm excited. Time to get it whipped out for some prototypes #2, Speed hero hats should be on the way soon. I'll be posting more about a preorder shortly.

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  • this makes me happy. I will sell these for you if you like.

    • Dylan Sharpe
  • down for the hats lol. shirt wins races, hat will put me up another level.

    • Shawn Beaty