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Pairs upon piles of 5M's.

I can't fight it. I shouldn't fight it. I've just have a magnetism to 5M powered vehicles. Though it seems more often then not they seem to find me. My first 5m powered car was in the form of a free '81 Supra. This was a free donation from the owner, the only one in the bunch I never got to slide. More on the story of it in 'The Beginnings". This little duck is so far the only 5ME, I've owned. 81Supra The was a white automatic ghost...

Interacting with the world.

This is a video of stuff, mushed together. [youtube=http://youtu.be/pwj1YvBFbtI]

2012, doing more for less than ever before

This year I want to go bigger: Bigger than before. I've done some wild and silly stuff, through shear enthusiasm people have followed me to the brink. I've been trying to shy away from this trend, but I realize it's my natural calling: Doing fun things for as near free as possible. It's time to accept my natural talent as a purpose and run with it. Let's Go 2012. #1 on the list? Teach my self solidworks. I've been wanting to learn for years now. When idea hit me it's so nice to be able to whip them up into...