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All's Well That Ends Wall.

B.C. Day, the day we celebrate our province by sliding cars sideways into immovable object. Yay Canada! Capital City Drift returned once more to Western Speedway to slay tires, joust walls and die honorable deaths. The turnout was immense, a lot of the Vancouver folks that have been painfully absent throughout the season rolled in to offer some serious competition. Luckily, the islands drifters aren't what they were a year ago. With folks like Myles Meyland, Grant Kozier, Brad Fisher and newcomer Josh Whitesomethingorother, the mainland boys were guaranteed some stiff competition. The day came down to Kevin Peterson in first with his 1j Toyota Cressida, Pro Am competitor Kohei Nakamura in second and semi-local boy Grant Kozier in third. I loved finally seeing Serial Nine's MX83 in person, having Gerard and Kevin battling the saloons was definitely a crowd pleaser. A big thank you as always to the Platform Garage army and all the people responsible for keeping drifting alive on the island. The weather was scorching and I ended up cooking my stupid ass to a nice, crispy, crustaceany red...nice. [gallery]


  • BAxe

    kevins cress has a 1j not 1.5, thats G’s.

  • warren (Not UK)


  • zombievrobot

    Fixed, thanks Chris.

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